First grid-injected biomethane in GB and IR

In Ireland and Great Britian biomethane was recently injected for the first time into the gas grid.

In Irland, the newly launched injection point at Cush, County Kildare, will initially supply 36,000 MWh of biomethane, enough to reduce Ireland’s carbon dioxide emissions by 7,200 tonnes every year.


Also in the UK biogas produced from straw and cow manure has been directly injected into the gas grid in Cambridgeshire. The gas is produced at the Murrow Anaerobic Digestion plant in March, Cambridgeshire. National Grid has connected the plant, operated by BioCow Ltd, to a pipeline that serves local homes, providing gas for heating and cooking. It claims that the pipeline can support flows of up to 15,000 standard cubic metres per hour. The trial, which began at the end of July is producing and distributing enough renewable gas to power ten homes for a year. If it proves successful, National Grid will explore the feasibility of bringing more grid-injected biomethane online.