Biomethane can counteract EU gas price crisis

Clear political support is needed to draw more investments into the sector and unlock the full potential of biomethane.

While energy prices continue to rise across Europe, biomethane could meet 30 to 40% of the EU's gas demand at significantly lower costs once expanded, according to a report by the European Biogas Association. Biomethane produce in Europe is currently 30% cheaper than natural gas and has the ability to reduce EU energy dependency on external suppliers. With the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis, biomethane could help stabilise rising gas prices in the EU, which relies heavily on Russian-supplied natural gas.

There is an urgent need to reduce dependence on external gas suppliers, as the EU produces today less than 15% of its gas demand. The current conflict between Russia, Europe’s biggest gas supplier, and Ukraine, could exacerbate the energy crisis due to a shortage of gas supplies. Soaring gas prices are having a direct impact on the energy bill of millions of EU households. This situation is forcing national governments across Europe to invest billions of euros into measures to protect consumers.

“A strong sense of urgency is growing to secure investments and ensure the deployment of biomethane facilities across Europe. Additional partnerships, such as the recently launched Sustainable Biomethane Initiative, showcase the interest from industry users, producers and other major companies within the value chain, on the deployment of this renewable gas right now. Fostering the rapid scale up of biomethane means supporting climate change mitigation, reducing dependency on external gas supplies and dealing with an unprecedented natural gas price increase. A clear legislative framework will provide certainty for long-term investments on the roll out of sustainable biomethane.” Harmen Dekker, CEO of the EBA.