Anaergia commissions Calimera biomethane facility

The new plant will produce RNG from food waste diverted from landfills.

Anaergia Inc, a global leader in the production of clean energy, has officially commissioned the Calimera Bio plant in the Province of Lecce. The facility is the second of seven facilities Anaergia is building which together will form one of the largest food waste to biomethane platforms in Europe. The facility has the capacity to anaerobically digest 24,000 tonnes of landfill-diverted food scraps and other organic waste each year, resulting in 2,190,000 cubic metres of RNG that will be injected into the region’s natural gas pipelines. The new plant will also treat the digestate that remains after the anaerobic digestion process to create 9,000 tons of high-quality natural fertilizer per year.

The commissioning of the new Calimera plant comes on the heels of the European Commission's pledge of €37 billion to increase biomethane production in the EU, as part of its €300 billion RePowerEU plan to stop Russian energy imports and move to green energy by the end of the decade. The commission is proposing an action plan to achieve 35 billion cubic meters of annual biomethane production by 2030.

"With six biomethane plants opening in Italy, Anaergia is well-positioned to help meet the growing demand in Europe for biomethane, the European term for renewable natural gas," said Andrew Benedek, chairman and CEO at Anaergia.





Source Picture: shutterstock/1925546612