VPT Kompressoren GmbH

VPT Kompressoren GmbH

Jens Augst
Glockenstahlstraße 6
D - 42855 Remscheid

Telefon +49 (0)2191-59254-55
Fax +49 (0)2191-59254-45


VPT Kompressoren GmbH, with factory and headquarter in Germany, city Remscheid, develops and produces tailor made customer-specific, very efficient special gas high pressure compressors and special gas "turn-key" plant technology.

The German Patent und Markenamt has registered VPT as the only machine manufacturer for types "Oil-injected screw compressor systems for the compression of explosive and combustible gases".

Product developments, plant layouts, operational safety and sustainability in relation to the use of energy and operating materials, as well as condition-optimized service and maintenance concepts, are based on decades of extensive experience. All gaseous operating media based on the fossil carbon-based energy supply industry and industrial applications, of course decentralized regenerative energy generation, supply and distribution of biogases and other gases within these process chains, up to helium and hydrogen, thus enable the customer technologies of the future of VPT gas compressors.