von Bredow Valentin Herz

von Bredow Valentin Herz

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Lawyer Dr. Hartwig von Bredow
Lawyer Dr. Florian Valentin
Lawyer Dr. Steffen Herz
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10179 Berlin

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von Bredow Valentin Herz is a law firm specialising in renewable energy projects. Located in the centre of Berlin, we offer legal advice to clients all over Germany in all legal aspects of the production of electricity, gas, heat and Power-to-Gas from renewable energy sources, CHP and energy efficiency.

In the field of biomethane, we can resort to extensive consulting experience in a variety of projects of any size. Our areas of expertise include analysing drafting and negotiating all contracts – particularly concerning the delivery of raw materials, biogas and biomethane. We support our clients in all legal issues relating to the authorisation process, the establishment of grid connec- tions and damages in case of their delay. We also assist buyers and sellers in the process of acquiring biogas and biomethane plants.

Our law firm offers legal advice to project developers, power plant operators, energy traders, agricultural enterprises, energy service companies and investors. Our attorneys regularly publish articles and give lectures on biomethane at various industry events.