Thüga Energie GmbH

Thüga Energie GmbH
Peter Ehret
Manager for contracting and energy-related services
Industriestr. 9
78224 Singen

Tel +49 (0)7731 5900 - 1444

Thüga Energie GmbH is a modern, customer-oriented energy supplier belonging to Thüga AG, the largest municipal energy group in Germany. Approx. 100,000 customers in the regions of Hegau (south of Baden-Württemberg), the area west of Lake Constance and Allgäu-Upper Swabia are supplied with electricity, natural gas and heat.

Renewable energies are not only an integral part of the range of products offered, but Thüga Energie GmbH also invests in most recent technologies. The latest major project is a biogas treatment plant operated in co-operation with the company BRV – Biologische Reststoff Verwertung GmbH.

More efficiency thanks to innovative technology.

In its biogas plant located in Kisslegg-Rahmhaus the company BRV recycles foodstuffs which are unfit for consumption. The ultra-modern treatment plant, put into operation in May 2010, transforms the gas mixture into a biogas which reaches natural gas quality.

Thanks to the innovative membrane technology used in the biogas plant, the treatment of the gas is possible without the need of process water or chemical detergents.

The processed bio-natural gas is fed into the natural gas grid and can be used as fuel and energy source. With the biogas generated in Kisslegg it is possible to supply approximately 1,000 households.