Institut für Biogas, Kreislaufwirtschaft & Energie

Institut für Biogas, Kreislaufwirtschaft & Energie
Johan Grope
Project leader
Steubenstraße 15
99423 Weimar

Tel +49 (0)30 67 96 75 57
Fax +49 (0)3643 7 40 23 63

The Institute for Biogas, Waste management and Energy has internationally-recognized expertise in the areas of biogas and biomethane – focusing on the areas of process-biological and technical questions, study reports as well as biomethane trade, energy system integration, knowledge transfer and political consulting. In addition to its own areas of specialization the institute maintains a vast network of international experts. Together with our clients we implement new ideas, technologies and research.

The institute for Biogas, Waste Management and Energy is a good starting point for independent consultation and project development.

The portfolio of services offered includes:

  • Consulting in all matters relating to the concept design, establishment, operation and energetic use of biogas and biomethane
  • Consulting for international biomethane trade
  • Analyses to improve efficiency and optimise single plants and master-concepts
  • Creation and appraisal of specific technical and economic concepts
  • Co-ordination of scientific work on research projects Knowledge transfer (conferences, seminars, presentation of scientific papers)

Our international customers are:

  • Energy utilities
  • Plant owner & operators
  • Authorities, courts
  • Technology suppliers
  • Research institutes