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Energy efficient biogas upgrading with Sepuran® Green

Evonik Industries is one of the world’s leading producers of spe- cialty chemicals, with over forty years of experience in polymer chemistry, and operations in over 100 countries throughout the world. We offer hollow-fiber membrane cartridges and modules for efficient, energy-saving biogas upgrading.

Our membrane technology: offering you every advantage for small- and large-scale system applications

Evonik’s membrane-based biogas upgrading method results in unusually high plant availability, extremely low energy demand, and low maintenance costs. In addition, upgrading does not generate any waste or emissions, nor does it require any auxiliaries (such as water or sorbents). All of these benefits serve directly to keep costs down. Plus, the tremendous flexibility of the method makes membrane technology applicable to small and to large-scale systems alike. Yet another advantage of this technology is that it can be easily adapted to changeable flow rates and gas compositions.

Our references.
The number of biogas facilities using SEPURAN® Green has been growing continuously since 2012, with plants already operating in Germany, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Thailand, and China. Implementation is also underway at other plants in Norway, Netherlands, Korea, and the U.S., for instance.