E.ON Bioerdgas GmbH

E.ON Bioerdgas GmbH
Brüsseler Platz 1
45131 Essen

Tel +49 (0)201 184-7831
Fax +49 (0)201 184-7837

E.ON Bioerdgas GmbH produces and trades biomethane and is service provider for the operation of biogas/biomethane plants. The company owns or is the predominant shareholder of 5 biomethane plants. These plants were operated in fair cooperation with regional farmers.

The trade portfolio includes an annual production of over 1 TWh and contains biomethane from organic waste and from energy crops. E.ON Bioerdgas supplies biomethane for the national market (cogeneration, heat and transportation) as well as for international markets.

E.ON Bioerdgas develops innovative and sustainable plant concepts. Particular successful is the cultivation of new, economically and ecologically favourable crops like Szarvasi grass on 110 ha and the cup plant on 10 ha. The usage of hop residues in the Wolnzach plant was awarded with the biogaspartner innovation price by the dena (German Energy Agency). The plant is situated in the worlds biggest hop producing region, Hallertau. With further research projects like power to gas combined with biomethane plants E.ON Bioerdgas supports the value of biomethane plants for a sustainable, safe and clean energy supply.