DAH Gruppe

DAH Gruppe

Felix Colsman
An den Eichen 1
16515 Oranienburg

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Driven by sustainable energy supply.

The DAH Group is an integrated agricultural and energy company that generates gas, electricity and heat from renewable energy sources with around 400 employees. The focus is on a completely closed material cycle. The DAH Group cultivates more than 20,000 hectares of agricultural land and operates 22 biogas plants in four federal states within a radius of around 200 kilometers from Berlin. With an electrical connected load of more than 55 megawatts, the DAH Group supplies around 500,000 people with CO2-neutral energy. The agricultural areas are operated by more than 30 farms at over ten locations.

In addition to security and independence, the integrated business model offers above all sustainability in production. The fermentation residues left behind after biogas production still contain more than 98 percent of the nutrients. These are returned to the fields and bring back the energy to the soil: the natural cycle is closed again.