Biogasrat+ e. V.

Biogasrat+ e. V.

Janet Hochi
Oranienburger Str. 26
10117 Berlin

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Biogasrat+ e. V. – distributed generation: a fair partner for future oriented energy policy

Biogasrat+ e. V. – distributed generation is an associated of the leading companies in the areas of distributed generation and biogas. Its members represent the entire value chain in the field of distributed generation.

Biogasrat+ e. V. – distributed generation champions a decen-tralised, sustainable and resource efficient approach to energy supply. The association’s purpose is to represent the common interests of market participants in the biogas and distributed generation business throughout the value chain, and to develop the market in line with member interests.

Biogasrat+ e. V. – distributed generation promotes the improvement of the statutory framework for distributed generation, biogas and biomethane and the grid integration of renewable energy, and raises awareness for the demands made by Germany’s transition to renewable power through its political and public campaigning.

As well as a strong commitment to international and national climate-change targets, the association is dedicated to the advancement of the German energy industry. It is the Biogasrat+ e. V. – distributed generation’s stated aim to ensure the continued technological leadership and competitiveness of the German biogas industry, under consideration of cli-mate-change and sustainability targets. The Biogasrat+ e. V. – distributed generation is a reliable and fair partner for business and policymakers aiming to create energy policy for the future.