Puregas Solutions GmbH

Puregas Solutions GmbH
Sven Fischer
Sales manager
Am Fallturm 5, Haus 2
28359 Bremen

Tel +49 (0)421 168 39-10
Fax +49 (0)421 168 39-25

Puregas Solutions delivers turnkey solutions for biogas upgrading. Our unique CApureTM process captures >99.9 percent of the available methane in raw biogas, maximising biomethane yield and customer revenues with very low operational costs whether for grid injection or vehicle fuelling. If needed, the Product Gas can be Ready for Liquefaction (<50ppm CO2).

Puregas Solutions is committed to build the lowest life cycle cost biogas upgrading plants in the world. Probably producing the greenest biomethane in the world. The company is part of Läckeby Water Group, a Sweden based, independent, privately owned industrial group. Läckeby Water Group offers contracting, products and service for water and wastewater treatment and biogas production. The company is established on three continents and has built plants in 70 countries worldwide. With sales of approximately EUR 90 million, Läckeby Water Group is a leading company in its field.

Purac’s CApure™ biogas upgrading technology offers a wealth of benefits. The methane efficiency is higher than 99.9 percent, and the total energy consumption is at the low end of what is currently possible. Probably the greenest biomethane on the market. Our first CApure™, chemical absorption purification plant was up and running in 2002. Constant technological optimisation now allows us to offer high availability biogas upgrading plants that are easy-to operate and easy-to-maintain. Puregas Solutions constantly focuses on offering outstanding technical and financial performance for our customers.

Puregas Solutions is ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.