NAWARO BioEnergie AG

NAWARO BioEnergie AG
Planning, construction, operation and consulting biogas plants
Leyly Erfani
Trufanowstraße 8
04105 Leipzig

Tel +49 (0)341 231 02 80
Fax +49 (0)341 231 02 61

NAWARO BioEnergie AG – Biogas production on the industrial scale

The NAWARO BioEnergie AG was founded in 2005 in Leipzig. Its business model is the planning, construction and operation of industrial scale bioenergy parks.

With the “NAWARO BioEnergie Park Klarsee”, the company started operation of the world’s largest plant park for power generation from biogas with a capacity of 20 MWel in 2006.

Since June 2009, the NAWARO BioEnergie Park “Güstrow” is feeding biomethane into the natural gas grid. With a capacity of 55 MWth, this plant is the world’s largest plant for the production of biomethane based on renewable primary sources – yet again setting a new standard.

All sites developed by the NAWARO BioEnergie AG are based on an industrial approach guaranteeing an efficient plant capacity utilisation and thus the best possible resource recovery. All work processes are subject to permanent optimisation by NAWARO’s own research and development.

Thus, NAWARO makes a contribution to the clean, secure and affordable future energy production.