innogy SE

innogy SE
Thomas Badry
Neue Jülicher Str. 60
52353 Düren

Tel +49(0) 651/ 8 1225 06

Since the 1st of September 2016 the divisions renewable energies, sales as well as grid & and infrastructure of RWE AG are pooled in innogy SE.

innogy SE in Essen supplies over 4 million customers in Germany with electricity and natural gas. innogy SE is responsible for the sections plant operation, procurement, distribution and trading of bio natural gas.

Generating electricity and heat using biogas-fired cogeneration plants (CHP) is a particularly interesting option for commercial and business customers. They are able to use the heat generated from renewable sources either for meeting their own heat demand or to supply heat to third-party customers.

Our energy specialists can find suitable CHP plant sites for customers and develop individual solutions. These contracting concepts are based on the experience we have gathered ourselves as an owner and operator of numerous CHP plants. Customers profit from stable and calculable- heat prices through our energy services projects. In addition, innogy SE also manages the full gas process chain and secures the renewable energy sources act (EEG) subsidies. innogy SE also offers a service for the electricity produced in the EEG plants in selling it directly to the market.