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erdgas schwaben gmbh
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erdgas schwaben looks back on a long history as an energy provider in the German regions Swabia and Upper Bavaria. The current pipeline system connects 183 cities and communities, covering an area of roughly 6,000 km. Public facilities as well as private households utilise our services which cover the full spectrum of natural gas supply. For the last years, the Swabian energy supplier has been following its own unique energy strategy: “The erdgas schwaben way”.

Central principles of the “erdgas schwaben way” include the professional consultation for the reduction of energy costs, the support of more efficient natural gas utilisation practices, and the resulting expansion of renewable energies.

The erdgas schwaben way

Bioenergy, the renewable energies from Swabia have an enormous development potential! We have successfully expanded this business sector continuously. To actively shape the energy transition as a long-term regional partner erdgas schwaben has founded the schwaben regenerativ gmbh. Schwaben regenerative currently manages four operating bio-natural gas plants. The first plant has been in operation since 2007, and is located in Graben, near Augsburg. The others are located in Maihingen, near Nördlingen in Donau-Ries (since 2008), in Altenstadt/ Schongau (since 2009) and in Arnschwang/ Cham (since 2010).
210 Million kWh are produced and anually fed into the grid. This amount equals 12,000 households which are currently experiencing the benefits of green energy use.

Three additional biogas projects for bio-heat and bio-electricity are currently in operation in Dillingen, Mindelheim and Kaufbeuren.

The regional supply of energy from sustainable natural resources makes Swabia independent from the international energy market, thus strengthening the region as a whole.

Bioenergy for us is a means to set the stage for the environment. Bioenergy from regenerative natural resources, 100 percent ecofriendly, always available and directly from Swabia.